Contact Center Consulting

Gibson Group Takes A Fresh Approach to Consulting

Contact center consulting has the power to enhance the image of your organization substantially. Customers are increasingly demanding more from organizations. Consulting can help businesses meet and even exceed customer expectations for customer service.

Each organization and contact center faces unique challenges and has different business objectives and goals. Trusted Consultants recognize this reality and help unearth opportunities for change for each environment. Also, they deliver an unbiased perspective, facilitate discovery sessions, and share best practices.

Consultants should also help identify opportunities for improvement related to processes, people, and technology.

With 20 years' experience providing contact center consulting, Gibson Group can help organizations identify their customer experience transformation strategies. Our professionals can also help with vendor selection, customized training, and lead call center programs through to implementation success.

The Need for Call Center Consulting

Organizations cannot afford to have a project fail. It's not enough to deliver projects; organizations also need to deliver results and do so faster than ever before. Consequently, the organization's management practices come under pressure with regard to scalability, predictability, and being dynamic. By working with Gibson Group, teams can deliver the outcomes they need. Our pros have gathered enough experience to guarantee project delivery integrity and the dependencies between projects across the organization.

Here's how our center consulting service can help transform call center operations:

  • Resolve call center operational inefficiencies

When customers swamp customer service with calls, it becomes difficult to set aside time to focus on innovation and strategy. A call center consultant can help identify limitations in current practice with knowledgeable perspectives.

  • Discover Call Center Solutions that Will Give your Operations and Systems a Boost

Every organization is unique in the way it operates. Consequently, it is reckless to make wholesale changes without a carefully crafted strategy. A consultant can help bring clarity when organizations are looking to make changes to their systems and operations.

  • Improve Employee Skills So They Can Better Meet Customer Needs

Workers need proper training to be able to meet and exceed the expectations of customers. Call center consulting can help organizations build customer service skills. Managers then do not have to take significant amounts of time out of their busy schedules.

  • Reduce Customer Wait Times

Customers don't like to wait. Our contact center consulting service will help organizations reduce caller wait times through innovative automation technologies, improved operational procedures, and smart software solutions.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Gibson Group can help organizations improve customer satisfaction through systemic process improvements, training, performance monitoring.  With a strong focus on Customer Experience, our consultants will guide you through identifying the customer forward approach for your organization that will result in higher NPS scores.

Ready to Get an Objective View with Tangible Results?

We help organizations look at their communications and customer care environments objectively. Our pros can help to benchmark current performance-to-industry best practices so organizations can plan for the future. Our methodology takes into consideration the people, technology, and processes that contribute to call center success.

  1. Contact Center Assessment

    Gibson Group examines organizations' current contact center operations to assess processes, identify efficiency opportunities, and prioritize gaps that affect customer experience.

    We evaluate existing technology and provide recommendations on how to leverage it better. We also explore where new technology could be of benefit to organizations.

  2. Business Case Assessment

    After identifying improvement areas, some organizations may need to quantify these areas in an ROI model to create a business case.

  3. Strategy and Roadmap Development

    Gibson Group takes the time to understand the goals and direction of an organization. From this information, our professionals create holistic, step-by-step plans with tactical and executable recommendations for initiatives, such as:

    • Cloud migration
    • Silo management/system integration
    • Omnichannel enablement (Chat, SMS, Social, Mobile) for both self-service and assisted
    • Customer experience analytics and personalization
    • Business analytics
    • Workforce management

  4. Technology and Vendor Selection

    When choosing the tools for a contact center, organizations have a wide selection of technology vendors available. Choosing the right vendor can be challenging.

    At Gibson Group, we put your interests first. We follow a tried-and-tested path to define and identify capabilities, fit, and risks associated with each vendor. We help organizations partner with vendors that offer technology that best works for them. We consider functionality, support levels, the scope of requirements, budget, contact center environment, and any constraints before giving the green light.

  5. Implementation Services

    Gibson Group helps organizations to go from vision to reality seamlessly. Our experts provide everything organizations need to evaluate and improve their existing call center models. The services include creating a virtual workforce, scheduling, system selection, systems integration, and implementation.

    We go all the way to optimize the cost of the call center at scale. We walk together with organizations through the business process analysis and support them through implementation until their visions are realized.

  6. Consulting on Demand

    Gibson Group provides advisory services to organizations on demand. Management can engage our Professionals where and when there is a need. We provide tips, best practices, and decision-making for both business and IT.