Business Simulation

Business Simulation Ideas for CX-Obsessed Companies

How can business simulation ideas help with CX? Enterprises are spending an enormous amount of money on training employees in a bid to improve CX. Often, they fail to realize the behavior and quality changes they expected. The truth is, gone are the days when organizations relied on on-site multiday training sessions. Today, enterprises must continuously invest in their employees. Otherwise, employees will leave, and the quality of services will suffer.

How can management train employees cost-effectively and ensure that training results in improved performance and employee satisfaction?

Organizations must ensure training is a mixture of skills, theory, and behavior that guarantees faster transfer of awareness and knowledge.

  • Employees must work on items relevant to their work environments, so they have the
    motivation to learn.
  • Training must develop competencies that support solutions to actual problems.
  • Training must be fun for everyone.
  • Business Simulation Ideas to Improve Delivery

Business simulation is all about using experiential learning and interactive activities to improve delivery. Gibson Group has partnered with GamingWorks, a business simulations developer, to provide the following:

DevOps Simulation: The Phoenix Project

According to newspaper reports, Parts Unlimited is in turmoil because of poor financial performance. To save the day, Retail Operations propose an IT-enabled business transformation. The goal here is to make the company profitable and competitive once again. The IT operations VP takes the lead of the Phoenix Project to make the turnaround successful. But the VP faces major challenges. He or she has to deal with a huge backlog of issues, problems, and other projects.

The Phoenix Project is essentially a learn-by-doing training workshop. Your team gets to act in different roles within Parts Unlimited. You may choose to be part of Human Resources, Retail Operations, or Finance. You may also be the IT operations VP. You could also be a member of the VP's IT team tasked with developing applications and solving IT-related issues.
Your team's challenge is to use the DevOps principles of integration, collaboration, and communication to solve the problems Parts Unlimited is facing. A highly skilled facilitator from Gibson Group will help you through the project.

Remember, you have to complete the Phoenix Project on time and successfully in three rounds. At the same time, your internal business partners are still coming at you with new demands and ideas. And you keep seeing external developments outside your control thrown your way.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to take customer-centric action
  • Learn how to create with the end in mind. For example, teams learn how to map value streams and prioritize removing barriers and waste.
  • Learn to take responsibility for both shared and siloed goals by taking end-to-end responsibility
  • Understand the importance of giving each other feedback and helping each other improve
  • Adopt a culture of continuous learning and improvement
  • Teams learn the value of automating everything they can.

ITIL Simulation: MarsLander

MarsLander is an exciting experiential simulated environment. This simulation game helps you discover how your team interacts and works together while responding to rapid changes in circumstances.

Participants learn how to use ISM, proven ITIL capabilities, and lean, agile, and DevOps practices to achieve tangible results and mission goals. With the help of a highly skilled facilitator from the Gibson Group, this interactive training workshop provides teams with a risk-free environment to learn.

Employees can experiment and explore new ways of collaborating and responding to new business requests quickly. As a result, organizations can deliver reliable, fast, and error-free solutions.

Team members get to change their mindsets, learn to see customers as their primary focus, and implement continuous learning improvement.

The mission here is simple. You must launch a rocket with the Mars lander on board. The second thing you must do is land the rocket on Mars and collect data for research centers and universities.

The Mission Director manages the mission. He or she is supposed to lead a team consisting of navigation, flight operation, and communication experts. The mission of these experts is to manage the mission's flight plan. They must also manage the contractual agreements with suppliers and customers. Each team member adapts a role with specific responsibilities, tasks, and authority.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how the Agile ITIL4 and DevOps ways of working help improve service delivery
  • Experience the consequences of your organization and team
  • Experience the use of tools to work remotely
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration in remote teams


Gibson Group provides many options for learning in a safe and highly interactive way. Here, teams learn the tenets of good CX by doing. As a result, they engage themselves in a role-playing exercise to try to solve specific problems.

Let us help you close the gaps between your organization's knowledge and skills through our interactive business simulation ideas.