An agile coach can be an agile enthusiast in your corporate culture. He or she helps lead teams through the process of effectively utilizing the agile methodology. 

Have you been using agile for years now, or are you just starting to use it? Whatever the case, an agile coach can help carry your vision throughout the organization.  If you are new to agile your coach can assist in Developing and setting up an organization’s agile teams.  If you have been using it for years, use your coach to take your teams to the next level of productivity by turning them into a fully functional agile organization.

Benefits of an Agile Coach in the Modern-Day Enterprise

  1. Helps Drive the Overall Corporate Vision

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dealing with a new implementation or leveling up existing processes. The key to the success of the agile coach is the support and commitment of leadership.

  1. Keeps Teams Focused

Agile coaches help keep organizations on track and increase throughput. This helps save money, time, and resources.

  1. Continuous Improvement Accountability

Many agile teams use business simulation games to identify and get workable actions to utilize in their day-to-day interactions. Often, the everyday stress of work can cause team members to lose any improvements they have identified. A coach will help the team stay focused on its continuous improvement goals while increasing its productivity.


The engagement of an agile coach will vary depending on where you are in your adoption rate. If you are just beginning, the coach may be much more hands-on to assist with the adoption rate and initial roadblocks. If you are an experienced enterprise with agile, the coach will provide value on a sprint-by-sprint basis during retrospectives. The team can do this with an external view that helps members identify new opportunities for improving efficiency.

Does your organization need help in adopting the agile way of working? Reach out to the team at Gibson Group to help create a more responsive and effective organization.